Formaldehyde Methodology


  • Providing Company updates to our subscribers is one of our vital services. We provide updates form some of the major companies of the country. We provide the pricing update by RCF and GNFC for Methanol. In case of any change in the price, immediate message alerts are sent to the subscribers after careful confirmation and verification from our industry sources.

  • Our website publishes daily prices for 30 chemicals. So for all the 30chemicals this procedure is being followed to make daily price assessments.

  • Daily price assessments are based on recent information gathered from reliable and active market participants. These participants include traders, producers, brokers, distributors and consumers.

  • Market data is collected by our team via telephone calls, e-mails, instant messaging and electronic transfer of back office deal sheets.

  • The domestic opening prices are in Indian Rupees/Kilogram (Kg) basis.

  • Our teams of analysts regularly communicate with key brokers and producers in the market and take their opening market prices. Along with prices the care is taken that their prices are valued on the basis of their transaction size.

  • Prices are further analysed and go through a predefined procedure.

  • This procedure includes various steps. At every level detail assessment is being carried out. The next way is of scrutinization. The examination is done on the basis of several factors like current market scenario, strong reason for fluctuation in prices, irrespective to market equilibrium i.e. maintaining demand and supply ratio, disparity in feedstock prices and variation in upstream and downstream prices. After thorough analysis the prices are published. The prices are for bulk quantity.

  • The prices quoted for bulk quantity has 60-70 days sharp credit. If credit period is for 90 then price may vary.  Here cash discounts are also offered but only in case of cash payments.

  • All prices are in INR/Kg. These prices are basic - inclusive of Customs duty & exclusive of local V.A.T & C.V.D.

  • The prices of Mundra Port are 0.15 to 0.25 paisa lower than Kandla Port. (owing to freight charges).

  • For bulk products Mumbai prices are Ex- Nava Sheva & for Powder Products it is Ex Bhiwandi.

  • Please note that the prices quoted in our website are Ex tank and VAT inclusive. However we do not guarantee for prices to have an implication of VAT charges on the sale of chemical.

  • The above procedure is carried out on everyday basis and in the end rates are published on our website.

  • Our main objective throughout this process remains that whatever inputs are given for price assessments are of high quality as it represents the integrity of our website.


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