About Global Chemical Price - GCP

Global chemical price (GCP) is the name to be reckoned with when it comes to providing chemical and petrochemical pricing. Today, the global chemical scenario is constantly being driven by the demand-supply mechanisms prevalent in the day-to-day market besides other economic and political parameters, which bring about volatility in the prices. The entire global economy is dependent on crude oil. Pricing of crude oil and its derivatives hold a major significance in the market.

The portal provides comprehensive and relevant global information related to chemicals and petrochemicals with an emphasis on India and is a source of latest and highly authentic market observation data on the same prepared under the able guidance of an expert team having 15 years of vast experience and specialized knowledge in the related field. The portal is an initiative under the ownership of Jay Infochem Pvt. Ltd. located at 402, Shoppers Plaza-4 , Opp. Telephone Exchange, Lal Baunglow, C.G Road , Navrangpura, Ahmedabad -380009.

The customized features in our portal will enable the refineries, manufacturers, importers, exporters, traders, brokers and end-users to safeguard their business from market volatility, without missing the opportunities which come along the way. It provides ready-to-use information which will help them to take immediate and crucial business decisions as well as operate in the market with maximum efficiency.

The main focus of our portal is on price reviews of chemicals and petrochemicals. It offers latest updates about chemical and petrochemical price movements, market trends, and corrections to the clients. In addition, it provides valuable data regarding their inflow and outflow throughout India. In future, it is optimistic about covering global import-export information on chemicals and petrochemicals.

Some of its exclusive features are
  • round-the-clock access to latest prices
  • product information guide
  • price reviews
  • market reports
  • in-depth chemical analysis reports
  • latest news updates
  • port related information
GCP is the one-stop solution to satisfy the needs and requirements of those in the chemical and petrochemical business and presents the entire gamut of information at the click of a few buttons. GCP is the other name for reliance and expertise in the field of chemical business. Our market intelligence enables the customers to understand the intricacies of chemical industry and make important long-term as well as short-term trading decisions. The consistent information on our portal facilitates the users to take crucial investment decisions confidently and successfully tap the opportunities in the global chemical market.

Global Network

GCP is being operated from an Ahmedabad-based corporate office with the support of a highly experienced and qualified team comprising of chemical analysts, reporters, editors and market analysts. The portal aims at targeting the global chemical market and delivering value-added services to the entire spectrum of chemical business clientele.

GCP has established a well co-ordinated system to deliver all real time information, alerts and news within the reach of a few clicks. The system is also in a position to render valuable industry related information on the clients' mobile, desktop or any other available IT systems.


GCP, with the support of leading magnates from the chemical and petrochemical business, is optimistic about providing genuine services to its clientele and takes pride in projecting its vision of providing A to Z information about the entire sector and a long-term association in the field to its users.

The portal intends to emerge as one of the most reliable and reputed information providers in the global chemical business. It aims at providing quality information at the right time and authentic insights into the chemical market. It believes in the maxim "sky is the limit" and continually endeavors to upgrade its services to maximize customer satisfaction and attain excellence. There is, indeed, no limit to the services that it intends to offer to its clientele.