Dyes Industry Round Up

Published on July 23, 2018

Dyes Industry is one of the core chemical Industries in India and is also the second highest export segment in the industry.

For the dye industry Gujarat and Maharashtra account for about 90% of the total production in India and this is due to the easy availability of raw materials as well as the dominance of the Textile sector in these area.

With the trade war between USA and China there are various economies being affected.  China has also shut down a number of dyes industries in order to control pollution levels. On account of shut down in china there is huge demand for of dyes intermediates in India and it is expected to continue for the coming years. Presently Indian manufacturers have a huge export demand to cater to this is an opportunity for Indian companies to grow.

As per market players, with the shut down of manufacturing industries in China, the dye makers are sourcing the raw materials from India. Maharashtra and Gujarat are the two largest manufacturers in the country and this is the time to encash and sees where the industry reaches.

As per report, the global market is also looking for technological advances. Companies strive to develop better ways of manufacture of intermediates and have worked on creating new manufacturing process which is estimated to propel the dye marekt.

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