Cosmetic Industry Round Up

Published on August 29, 2017

The Indian cosmetic industry is growing with rapid pace due to evolving consumer awareness and aspirations.

The expansion of the market is in line with India's GDP growth. There is a standard shift in consumer preference from looking good to feeling good, and the industry is innovating to address the evolving consumer awareness and aspirations.

Recently Herbal cosmetic products are increasing foothold in the Indian cosmetics industry with the growing demand for natural products and awareness about their benefits among the population. As per analysis from Southern Indian people are more inclined towards herbal products.

Growing popularity of franchising can be estimated from the fact that even specialized business concept like nail art in beauty services has been franchised. Nail art salon concept is emerging as a lucrative franchise business.

Indian cosmetic industry is emerging with a fast rate of knot and in near term with the good demand prospects industry will achieve remarkable growth, said by market players.

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