Plywood Industry Round Up

Published on August 2, 2018

There has been rise in manufacturing cost of plyboards due to this price escalate by 5-6% in July month. The price increase in Eucalyptus, required chemicals and labor wages shall push up the plywood prices by 7-8% in next four months. The plywood sector is anticipated reduce the popular plywood dispatches in next few months as timber price rise looks impending.

As per report, the decorative laminate sector is the most impacted by cost increase in raw materials in entire product category of wood panel decorative category. The rise in laminate manufacturing cost is so hard that many units have stopped taking orders. Manufacturers are unable to pass on the cost rise in due to heavy competition.

Market players said that, for the month of August the scenario will be driven by capital rich players and for weak players time will be very tricky. Recently its time for distributors to be active and every growing company shall focus on payments and increase sales network.

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