Plywood Industry Round Up (16/01/17 to 21/01/17)

Published on January 24, 2017

The New Year begun on a positive note as input received in the first half of January was better than the sales of December, 2016. The movement of material, money and manpower is getting back to normal gradually. As per the market report, Industry players were anticipating that the first quarter of 2017 will be bad for this Industry but as the industry is growing the effect may not be that bad. The small plywood industries are facing challenge in production due to timber suppliers unwillingness to accept cheques as payment mode. Recently mid segment plywood industries are getting funds and to enter in the market with full force to attain market share. Laminate units are operating with a good rate of note and decorative laminate industries players are very positive for upcoming demand and deals. Post demonetization organized players are showing faster response. In near term mid segment players also will be near to normal and factories will be operating 75-80% capacity. Market analyst said that, this year will provide enormous growth prospects to all the players. Moreover, this year is bringing back to normal to the market trend which is visible from their market plans, fresh and renewed focus and new product placement efforts.

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