Cosmetic Industry Round Up (18/09/17 to 25/09/17)

Published on September 26, 2017

Cosmetic products demand is growing with a rapid pace in India and International market. In Indian market beauty industry is one of the booming as the demands of beautifying substances are growing day by day. All the manufacturers in different regions of India are developing their products as per customers need.

Presently with the help of advanced technology and Internet, consumers constantly being updated about the new product and latest trend which helps them in to purchase as per their requirements.
As per market analyst, Now, consumers has moved towards organic products where they will get less chemicals in make-up because of this, Awareness of Ayurveda grows. As the  natural and organic has never been more popular. The movement toward healthier, wellness-oriented lifestyles - complemented by a growing awareness of sustainability, and ethical labelling - has influenced personal attitudes toward beauty.

As per the latest analysis, the luxury beauty and personal care market is estimated to be worth $10 million in India. The country’s cosmetics market is reportedly growing at 15% annually - twice as fast as the markets in the US and Europe.

For the growth of the industry marketing strategies plays a very big role to reaching out to the consumer segment. To escalate the sales volume of the industry,  market players specially the new entrants have had to work out new strategies to suit Indian preference and budget to hold on the market, said by Industry predictors.

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