Methanol prices soft in domestic market

Published on July 9, 2018

Presently domestic methanol market is moving with soft velocity on account of this no major deals and discussion has been heard. Today, methanol prices were evaluated at Rs 33.5/kg for Kandla and Rs 32.5/kg for Mumbai ports of India. Prices have plunged by Rs 0.50/kg in compare to last assessed prices.

While in international market prices have increased, CFR India prices were assessed in the range of USD 382/MTS prices have increased by USD 2/MTS and CFR China prices were assessed at USD 395/MTS prices have escalated by USD 2/MTS.

For the second half of 2018, methanol availability is anticipated to stay low in China. In the last quarter, the production from gas based methanol plants is expected to be capped by feedstock restrictions.

On the demand side, some downstream derivative plants come on line. In the meanwhile, demand for methanol in fuel application is likely to increase in winter.

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